"Hi Amy, My team and I came across your blog and we loved it!"
-Jamie Mays, Tobi.com, 04/05/17

"I have enjoyed our communications and thank you for always producing great content, being flexible with our changing schedule and keeping organized. I would be happy to serve as a professional reference for you in the future."

-Amelia Ohm, NetRetailers, LuxeDecor, 10/20/16

"Hello Amy! Thank you for reaching out to us and expressing your interest in the Fashion Copywriter position we have available. Your experience looks amazing."

-Brittaney Bautista, HR/Recruiting Specialist, Tobi.com 02/08/16

"Hi Amy, Thanks for the info, nice to see someone with a good resume come my way!"

"I have reviewed your information, and there may be a possibility here."
-Andy Limpus, Director of Talent Acquisition 

"Amy this is great! You rock!!"
-Kyle Walker, Real World Cleaning Services, 4/10/15

"WOW! Amy, you rock! This great! Thanks!"

-Katie Lambert, Hawaii Snack Box, 4/13/15

"Oh, my goodness you are FANTASTIC! This is perfect, thank you! Thanks Amy! So glad we found you!"

Laura Smith, Cleaning All Stars, 01/27/15

"Hi Amy, Thanks for this {your work-trial assignment} is perfect! Are you available to come in for an informal interview?" Thanks loads, Lisa"
Lisa Potter, US Fashion Finder Editor, Daily Mail

"Hi Amy, Thanks so much again...I wanted to thank you...[your TV spot] came out wonderful and I will definitely be reaching out with further opportunities."
Stephanie Mayer, Account Coordinator, 5W Public Relations

"We love your voice and ideas and AB (Publisher of 303 Magazine) is obsessed with articles you've written previously."

-Lindsay Maynard, Editor, 303 Magazine

"Your 'Closet' and other articles still get tons of hits...I think we can do a follow-up...and it will kill on the website."

-Lindsay Maynard, Editor, 303 Magazine

"You Rock."

-Lori Cody, Marketing Director, Buckle

"Wonderful! Thanks so much, Amy!"

-Kristin Ohri, Internet Fashion Stylist and Designer, Buckle

"Amy was a great asset to the LA team."

-Courtney Kretchman, Editor, BNLA

"You are so talented..."

-Melinda Laging, Founder and Publisher niNe Magazine

"FANTASTIC JOB on the story. We are so lucky to have

you as a part of our writing team."
-Kristin Miller, Editor, Denver Life Magazine

"Amy-this is excellent! Just what I was hoping for-THANK YOU SO MUCH :)"

-Kristin Miller, Editor, Denver Life Magazine, 11/24/10

"Thanks Amy-you're so efficient!!!"

-Kristin Miller, Editor, Denver Life Magazine, 11/24/10

"Good job under pressure!"

-Jani Smith, Art Director, Denver Life Magazine

"I am thrilled with your work."
-Eric Thompson, Partner, Orion Financial Group

"Thank you for your work on this article."

-Alison Roth, Associate Editor, Denver Life Magazine

"Hello, I was hoping to contact the author of your article Spring Cleaning, Amy Spagnola, to thank her for listing HandyGirl Concierge, LLC in her article! As the owner of HandyGirl, I was happy to find out from a new client that she had seen my name in your magazine. I think it's awesome that you help to promote local businesses, and just wanted to let Amy know how much I appreciated it."

Angeleen Newberg
HandyGirl Concierge, LLC

"I was very impressed with your website and professional history. A colleague of mine happened to see the stories I was scrolling through on your website and recognized your "Hearts on High" article, she wanted me to let you know she really enjoyed it."

-Rebekah Brown

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