Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Kim Kardashian's Street Style is Urban Chic Meets Poor Man's Pajama Party

Ever the controversial and captivating social media star and reality TV renaissance woman, Kim Kardashian never fails to create a fashion firestorm. From skimpy see-through shirts to skintight body con dresses and crop tops, this Calabasas mother of three is not shy about showing off her shape and displaying her considerable curves.

Recently, Kimmy has ditched her form hugging pencil skirts, long duster jackets and strappy heels for a wardrobe makeover that has left her looking like a Yeezus catalog model. And what exactly does the superstar and Internet breaking diva wear when she's trying to be a Kanye's latest muse? Well, it's a sartorial scramble of rapper sweatpants, belly baring bralettes along with lace canvas ankle booties that look like they're part Timberland, part Frederick's of Hollywood. The final look is a somewhat disturbing mix of construction worker-sexpot-Cher.

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Recently shooting an episode of her ubiquitous reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians at a softball field--the look was all about less is more. Mrs. West selected a backless bra, gray stretch sweats and a pair of old running shoes. For the once inspired trendsetter, this new take on athleisure street style is something of a disappointment.

In fact, on a recent visit to Tokyo, Kim left fans reeling with her shocking wardrobe of compression leggings, fanny packs, puffer vests and reflective biker shorts. Plus, that teenage-girl-with-a-vendetta-against-her-parents pink wig added even more tackiness to the compendium of crass. The only thing that wasn't a fashion fumble was the somewhat edgy blue PVC pumps that she wore with an all black ensemble including a cleavage baring jacket. 

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Who exactly is Kim's stylist these days? A bike emporium? A Disneyland gift shop? John Cusack circa the 1980s?

No, in fact, Kim's dressing is mostly a result of the influence of part-time hubby Kayne West. The music mogul loves military garb mixed with minimalist sporty styles and a touch of train wreck. All and all, Kim needs to rethink her recent style revamp in the name of Yeezus. In fact, Kim needs to return all the tracksuits, crocodile boots, spandex and skeleton shorts to Care/of: Kayne. Otherwise, if she continues her rampage of jock, she'll become a joke.

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